Director of the Qaggiq School of Performing Arts 

My name is Ashley Kilabuk-Savard, I am the first ever Director of the Qaggiq School of Performing Arts here at Qaggiavuut Nunavut Performing Arts! The Qaggiq School Director is responsible for Qaggiavuut’s work to professionally train Inuit performing artists. In my position I support the development and delivery of artist training as well as building partnerships, recruiting a professional facilitation team and supporting artist-students and artists in residencies. 

Qaggiavuut is a non-profit Nunavut society with a mission to strengthen, promote, advocate and create space for Nunavut performing artists with a focus on Inuit. The vision of Qaggiavuut is a strong, growing Inuit performing arts community and Qaggiavuut is guided by the principles of decolonization, Inuit culture and language, inclusivity and diversity, healing and wellness. 

I am an Inuk artist, writer, poet and emerging film maker born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut. 

Since attending the Vancouver Film School in 2016, I have led acting and storytelling workshops for children and youth in Nunavut and Nunatsiavut, creating and sharing stories is one of my many passions.

I write poetry about decolonizing narratives, healing from intergenerational trauma, and love of the land and culture. I also create sealskin and beaded jewellery and accessories for women and men, celebrating and educating on the importance of sealskin and Inuit sustainable seal hunting, it is one of the many ways I try to decolonize my everyday life. 

I am currently working with the International Sami Film Institute to create a short horror film on climate change and colonialism to be a part of an all Indigenous female lead anthology series called Arctic Chills. I am also a dedicated student of Inuktitut language and currently enrolled in the Aurniarvik program at the Pirurvik Centre, working towards a certificate in Indigenous Language Proficiency from the University of Victoria. My dream is to one day write poetry in my mother tongue of Inuktitut.