Keenan Carpenter

Actor, Performer
Cultural presentations, Dance, Theatre, Traditional Inuit drum, Traditional Inuit song (Pisiq)


Keenan has done most of his perormances in Uluhaktok, where he learned to play by watching and then participating in the dances.  By participating, he meant that his mother actually bribed him money to dance along.  By the age of 11, the money stopped flowing, but the dancing kept going, and the more he got into it where he even started practicing on his own conviction.  

A teacher from Aklavik, the late Philip Elanik, to Keenan, was a great dancer and a great person with the biggest heart in the world.  A person that never gave up on any one.  He had taught a lot of people, and because he had his own style, you had to pay particular attention when he danced.  

Another influence to this young dancer was Brian Rogers of Inuvik.  He is the lead drummer in Inuvik.  A man who kept him going and interested in the art.

This young man was taught at a young age, so he also likes to teach his art.  throught out the year, he volunteers here and there.  He can be seen helping out the instructor in Uluhaktok and has worked in Inuvik as well. 

The dance group in Uluhaktok is a regular dancing group that meets twice a week.

Keenan sees himself continuing on with drumming and dancing in his style and envisions performing on large stages with big crowds.   He also would like to go to Alaska and learn about his Heritage, to sit down with other communities and to have conversations and shage songs.



Kiviuq Returns 2019 - Tarragon Theatre, Toronto ON.

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