Interim Executive Director

My name is Pitseolak Pfeifer, I am an Inuk who was born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I am the interim executive director of Qaggiavuut, and I am happy to be able to capitalize on over two decades of professional activity in Inuit advocacy and community development to advance the organization’s mission. I welcome building on my extensive experience in middle and senior management positions in the fields of public policy, business and organizational development, issues management, and Inuit relations, to work with the Qaggiavuut team to strengthen, promote, advocate, and create space for Nunavut performing artists with a focus on Inuit. I hold a MA degree in Northern Studies and an Honours degree in Canadian Studies/Indigenous Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

I am extremely proud to be part of this team and join them in their sustained efforts for positive change.