Qaggiq Hub Director 

My name is Simeonie Kisa-Knickelbein, I am the new Qaggiq Hub Director here at Qaggiavuut! I am Immensely proud to join this organization that I have seen grow so much in the past few years when I found an interest in the creative field!

I was born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I recently completed one year at Nunavut Sivuniksavut down in Ottawa. While down I found my love for the performing arts because of all the performing that NS students get the opportunity to present all around Ottawa. I have worked mainly in film in the past four years projects I have participated in were filming season six of the APTN show Qanurli. Traveling internationally to act in the BBC Outlander season four, and most recently in Nyla Innukshuks feature film Slash/Back in Pangnirtung, NU (Where my extended family resides)  as a Third Assistant Director.

Since finding my passion for filmmaking I made it a mission to try out as many creative fields as I can so I can have a greater understanding and appreciation for people who work in their chosen fields. I also made it a mission because I love connecting with people and find that the arts have had people where I have felt most connection with and those connections are something that I want to cherish and continue to build.

Some of the responsibilities that I now have as the Qaggiq Hub Director are:

Management of all activities relating to the building of the Qaggiq Hub  

  • Advocacy, Partnerships for the Qaggiq Hub and Artistic Space; 
  • Fundraising for the Qaggiq Hub 
  • Financial Management of Qaggiq Hub Budgets 
  • Oversight of Research, Design, Consultations in connection to Qaggiq Hub • Oversight of Communications and Marketing in connection to the Qaggiq Hub

I have been working for Qaggiavuut for only a short time but I have enjoyed it incredibly! I am looking forward to familiarizing myself more with the position and more importantly all of the people I will be working with! I am very excited for all of the people I will meet and the relationships I will build along the way of this sublime opportunity! :)