Nancy Mike

English, Inuktitut


Nancy Mike is a singer, accordion musician, throat singer, visual artist and a force to be reckoned with. Nancy is the integral part of the Iqaluit based band, 'The Jerry Cans'  ᐸᐃ ᒑᓚᖃᐅᑎᒃᑯᑦ. Nancy's music is a unique mix of Inuktitut alt-country, throat singing, and reggae. She perform many of her songs in Inuktitut and is passionate about preserving the language. Nancy is committed to representing Inuit and to challenging common misperceptions she have encounters about life in the Arctic; her music evokes the contemporary north and the spirited people that reside there. It is not only the political motives, but her rapidly developing reputation for getting elders and young people dancing, that has forced people to start noticing this high-energy group. Her reputation for infectious, high-energy performances has audiences across the globe catching catch a glimpse of life in Arctic.

In 2017 The Jerry Cans undertook their first global tour, performing at venues in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, garnering popular acclaim and rave critical reviews.

​              “A great, epic, sprawling record. Passionate and thrilling with a drop of language bewilderment. A beautiful piece of work.”” — Jim Cuddy, Blue Rodeo

"Robust roots-rock, gruff Inuk throat singing, beery Celtic punk... There's plenty in this ensemble's tank"  ---The Globe and Mail




  • Inuusiq/life (2017)
  • Aakuluk (2014)
  • Nunavututit (2012)

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