The Qaggiq School of Performing Arts supports the development of Nunavut and Inuit artists. Performing artists are agents of change who create new, forward-thinking work that tells the stories of our times.

The Qaggiq School of Performing Arts is open to all emerging and established Arctic performing artists throughout Canada. A research study embedded within the project identifies and consults with performing artists in Canada’s Arctic and provides a means for documenting, marketing and consulting with artists via an online Cultural Map. An Arctic-specific pedagogy is delivered by a team of experts in education, the performing arts and Arctic culture, language and communities. 



The Qaggiq School pedagogy is guided by the principles of the Qaggiavuut Society:

  • Decolonization
  • Inuit Culture & Language
  • Inclusivity/Diversity
  • Healing/Wellness


Qaggiq pedagogy is grounded in Inuit cultural knowledge and all courses integrate the following features in order to ensure content reflects Inuit culture and that there is continuity of Inuit cultural knowledge between courses.

  • Instructors include Inuit artists and knowledge-keepers as well as professionals in the discipline
  • Inuit culture, through songs and stories, grounds the practice
  • The Inuit historical time-line and context is taught and integrated
  • Respect for all participants and their knowledge
  • Mentorship and support of all participants
  • A belief that art strengthens culture is at the centre of the curriculum


The following concepts are reinforced throughout the program and in all courses:

  • Inuit have always practiced and performed songs, dances, stories and games in order to build strength, positive outlook and unity
  • The performing arts build language and culture
  • Essential skills such. as critical reasoning, communications, confidence and a sense of belong are built when learning and practicing the performing arts
  • Performing artists are agents of change and renewal

The Qaggiavuut Society advocates for the building of Qaggiq: Inuit Performing Arts & Cultural Learning Hub as a campus for the Qaggiq School. To read more about our campaign, please visit the Support Us pages on this website, or to send your letter of support to Federal and Territorial leaders.