Coordinate and manage the Qaggiq School of Performing Arts, a series of programs to train emerging and established Arctic performing artists.

Advocate for the building of the Qaggiq: Inuit Performing Arts & Cultural Learning Hub.

Promote the preservation and maintenance of the Inuit culture and language through the performing arts.

Develop and deliver performing arts programs to Nunavut children and youth.

Support the creation of new Inuit performance work.

Maintain and update a database of current Nunavut's performing artists.

Create artistic and economic opportunities for Nunavut performing artists.

Research, document, archive and share traditional Inuit songs, stories and dances.


Nunavut is the only territory or province in Canada without a performing arts centre and Iqaluit is the only capital city in North America without a space to present the performing arts.

Nunavut is rich in the Inuit performing arts—from throat singing to original rap, storytelling to circus, button accordion to drum dancing and theatre.

Many of the Inuit performing arts were banished during the past century and are only now being reclaimed by artists before they are lost forever.

The arts honour and nurture the human spirit; they illuminate the meaning of our lives and help us to tell our stories.

The performing arts reflect a basic human need to find expression for thought and emotion with imagination and creativity.


Professionally present the performing arts in Nunavut.

Promote Inuit culture and language through the visual, technical and performing arts.

Promote Inuit arts and culture throughout Canada and the world.

Provide a space for professional development and training to emerging and established Nunavut performing artists.

Provide Inuit performing arts programming to children and youth.

Provide training in the technical fields of the performing arts (lighting, sound, recording, filming, stagecraft, digital design, costume and makeup design etc.).

Broadcast live performances throughout Nunavut, the Arctic, Canada and the world.