Vinnie Karetak

English, Inuktitut
Actor, Performer
Acting, Film, Theatre, Traditional Inuit drum


Co-Director, Writer and Actor in the Inuit theatre epic Kiviuq Returns (2017), Vinnie has jumped feet first into the world of theatre as he tours Nunavut and Canada this year with the show.

In another time and place, he sets traps for Nunavut’s most frightening animal: the bumblebee as one of Nunavut’s most beloved actors, widely renowned for his comedic touch in life and art - as actor, writer and producer at Qanurli, a popular comedy show in Inuktitut, in its 7th season soon to broadcast on APTN. Other television credits include Why White People Are Funny (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation) and The Terror (AMC).

Film credits include Grizzlies (2018) and Two Lovers and a Bear (2016). Theatre credits include Kiviuq Returns (2017). You will often find Vinnie Emceeing and drum dancing at Nunavut’s music festivals, concerts, events. 

Born and brought up in Arviat, Vinnie currently lives in Iqaluit with his wife and two sons.


  • Qanurli? - Actor, Writer, Producer of a popular comedy show in Inuktitut, in its 7th season broadcast on APTN
  • Why White People Are Funny, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation (IBC)
  • The Terror - Actor (AMC)
  • Ukalik and Kalla Go Fishing (Short) Ukalik - Voice. 
  • The Grizzlies (2018)
  • Two Lovers and a Bear (2016)
  • Kiviuq Returns (2017): Actor, Writer, Director 
  • Kiviuq Returns (2018): Actor


Live performances
  • Emcee: Music festivals, concerts, events
  • Drum Dancer: Arviat style

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