November 9, 2018


Revitalizing Ancient Inuit songs!

November 3, 2018– IQALUIT (Canada) –The Qaggiavuut Society announces the Arctic Song Music Performance Course for established Nunavut musicians November 14-22, 2018 in Iqaluit. The course is part of the Qaggiq School of Performing Arts and is the third group course delivered since August by Qaggiavuut.  Qaggiavuut is also delivering individual mentorships in the technical skills of the arts including sound, lighting, digital design, stage management etc.

Qaggiavuut had over 50 applicants to this recent course and has selected 20 of the top Inuit performing artists to gather in Iqaluit from all regions of Nunavut. The course will focus on revitalizing traditional pisiit songs, once banned during colonization. The musicians will learn pisiit, develop an appreciation of this ancient music’s terminology and build their own performance skills through training in voice, sound and choreography. 

Facilitators include traditional western Arctic drum dancer Julia Ogina and Jerry Puglik from Cambridge Bay as well as urban street choreographers Rise Ashen and Sara Lee and indigenous choreographer Josee Bourgeous. Mentorship is provided in sound engineering to two trainees. A public performance by the Arctic Song students will be held in Iqaluit November 21 at the Francophone Centre.

The course planning has faced serious logistical challenges due to a lack of space in Nunavut for artists to train. The Arctic Song course will be held in four different locations over 10 days, moving (sometimes on the same training day) between Iqaluit’s soup kitchen, the Francophone Centre, local churches and Qaggiavuut’s office. Qaggiavuut is currently fundraising for a Nunavut performing arts centre, “We need space for artists to build their skills and create”, says Qaggiavuut chairperson Vinnie Karetak. “Without space, we are limited in what we are capable of producing.”

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