April 3, 2018



APRIL 3, 2018– IQALUIT (Canada) –The Qaggiavuut Society is travelling to China next week at the invitation of the Honourable Melanie Joly, federal minister of Canadian Heritage. Minister Joly is leading the first Canada-China Cultural Trade Mission April 9-13 in Shanghai and Beijing and has invited Qaggiavuut to be one of the representatives of Canada’s creative industries

Qaggiavuut is a non-profit society that advocates for Nunavut’s performing artists to have space and opportunities to create, train, teach and present their work. In China, Qaggiavuut will be matched with Chinese performing arts organizations, performing arts centres, arts investors and artists in China with the hope of building cultural partnerships.

 “We are an organization of artists and lifelong Nunavummiut and it is an honour to be included in Minister Joly’s trade mission,” said Ellen Hamilton, Qaggiavuut’s Executive Director.

Qaggiavuut has created a digital promotion package with photographs and video of 25 Nunavut performing artists who are ready to tour the world stage and will be connecting with organizations interested in collaborating with Qaggiavuut on creative projects and in investing in a Nunavut performing arts building.

Qaggiavuut has been advocating for Qaggiq, a Nunavut performing arts hub for 10 years and envisions a space that focuses on strengthening Inuit performers with training, support and economic opportunities.

Qaggiavuut is sending Executive Director, Ellen Hamilton and Board member Miali Buscemi on the cultural trade mission. Ms. Buscemi was the first Inuk woman to be a member of the prestigious Stratford Festival theatre company. “Miali Buscemi is an example of one of our artists who can soar to the highest levels when provided with a supportive space to be a performing artist,” said Hamilton. “Our territory is populated by creative people who not only create beautiful performances but surround our youth with the songs and stories of Nunavut. Our performers and our performing arts technicians deserve a space to create, train, teach and present their art.”