April 14, 2016

April 14, 2016– IQALUIT (Nunavut, Canada) –The Qaggiavuut Society announced today that it has elected a new chairperson, Vinnie Karetak, a well-known Inuit actor, comedian, and television producer of the Inuit language hit comedy series Qanurli?. Vinnie assumes the position after being vice-chairperson of the Qaggiavuut Board of Directors for the past two years.

“I believe in the performing arts as an important way we, as Inuit, express who we are,” said Karetak upon assuming the Qaggiavuut leadership. “We are more than trades workers and office administrators--we are actors, writers, dancers, musicians, and storytellers, too. Our stories need to be told if our culture is to remain strong.”

Qaggiavuut also announced today it has hired two Project Managers: former chairperson, Laakkuluk Willilamson Bathory, a respected Inuit performing artist and poet, and Anubha Momin, an Iqaluit-based actor, writer, and communications expert. Both will help steer Qaggiq, winner of the prestigious Arctic Inspiration Prize, with a strategy to support Arctic performing artists.

“Our people are here because we expressed ourselves creatively with our language. It has been my dream and the dream of many other artists to build a strong network of support for Arctic performers, and now it is coming true!” said Williamson Bathory.

“Qaggiavuut is sparking life into the Arctic through arts advocacy and training—I’m so honoured to be part of their work,” said Momin, who writes the award-winning blog ‘Finding True North.’

The Qaggiavuut Society advocates for the support of Nunavut’s performing artists through training and opportunities and for the creation of a Nunavut Performing Arts Centre.

For more information about the work of Qaggiavuut please contact:

Vinnie Karetak: Qaggiavuut Chairperson. 867-877-1663

Ellen Hamilton: Qaggiavuut Executive Director. 867-222-5270