May 18, 2023

Qaggiavuut's Inuit theatre company, Takannaaluk, led by director Sandi Vincent, had a successful staging and performance of their original play in Nuuk, Greenland in April. The theatre company has worked collectively to build skills in acting and performance for a year. An Inuit-led, written, directed, performed and staged dramatic production, Takannaaluk is inspired by the Inuit goddess of the sea. 

Sandi Vincent structured the play working with Elders and Inuit Knowledge Keepers Herve Panniaq and Madeline Ivalu. The Inuktut script was edited by Jeannie Arreak-Kullalik with original music by Joshua Qaumarriaq.

Cast members shared and worked collaboratively with professional Inuit actors in Greenland for a week before staging their show to sold out audiences. Takannaaluk plans to continue building the play and perform across Nunavut in the future.