September 25, 2017 to September 26, 2017
Join us at meetings with architects to discuss what a Nunavut Performing Arts Centre should look like! September 25: 10 am September 26: 10 am Let's Build a Nunavut Performing Arts Centre!
September 21, 2017
Join us to share ideas about the Nunavut Performing Arts and a Nunavut Performing Arts Centre!
September 2, 2017 to September 3, 2017
Girls Act Tough!
August 27, 2017
A free performance at 4pm at the elders Qammaq in Iqaluit, by accordion master players Simeonie Keenainak and Zeebedee and Jeannie Nungaq and their youth students. Everyone is welcome to attend!
August 25, 2017 to August 28, 2017
Are you a young accordion player and want to perfect your skills? We will hold master classes with Simeonie Keenainak and Zeebedee and Jeannie Nungaq.
August 16, 2017 to August 18, 2017
Trisha Ogina presents a workshop, freshly returned from her participation in the Inuit play 'Kiviuq Returns', presented by Qaggiavuut. Location: Elders Centre, Kugluktuk. Time: 7-9pm.
August 14, 2017
Kids and Youth in Pond Inlet were enthusiastic participants in Qaggiavuut's Inuit Performing Arts Workshops with master artists Natashia Allakariallak, Celina Kalluk, Jeff Maurice, Josh Qaumarria
August 14, 2017
Inuit Music, Storytelling, Poetry performed at the Pond Inlet Community Hall all day today with the Qaggiavuut collective! Youth and Children's Workshops in throat singing, drum dance, guitar.
July 26, 2017
Kiviuq Returns: An Arctic Epic. At the Fleck Dance Theatre. Showtime 9pm
July 21, 2017 to July 22, 2017
Kiviuq Returns: Call Your Guiding Spirit!