Artist lives in: 
Pond Inlet
Artist from: 
Pond Inlet
Storyteller/Spoken Word

Original Inuit theatre

Live performances in Pond Inlet for cruise-ships, tourists and visitors

Development of theatre for social issues and public education

Traditional Inuit music, songs, drum dance and stories

For over 30 years, Pond Inlet has been the host to a thriving community theatre group. Located on the top of Baffin Island, directly across from the mountains of Bylot Island on the Northwest Passage, young and old work together to create theatre that matters. Originally founded in 1987, today’s Tununiq Arsarniit Theatre Group has recently developed an original play called Qallupilluk, featuring legends, myths and the wisdom of elders. The group develops its plays and performances by consensus, involving elders as actors and writers and always weaving Inuit language and culture in every issue it tackles.



Performing throughout the year in Pond Inlet


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